One for the Winter: Our 'Flow' Holiday Capsule

As the year comes to a close, we are wrapped up in the festive feeling of December. This month brings with it the magic of wonder and hope, a time to slow down and enjoy the little moments, to watch the wind blow, savor hot chocolate, and admire the Christmas decorations in your neighborhood. As the weather gets colder, showcase your comfortable knits and wrap up in warmth to take on wintery days.

Embrace this winter with our latest chapter in our 'Flow' series: our sweatshirt and jogger sets. Curates especially for the Sui woman, a timeless and effortless collection of cozy pieces in solid neutrals.

We have always paved the way for more responsible fashion practices. Sustainable winter fashion options have been limited in India and, with this launch, we take our first steps in bridging that gap. These sets have been crafted in organic cotton fleece, and the ribs used on the sweatshirts and joggers are all from export surplus fabric. This sustainable fabric has the feel of linen without the weight, and is soft and durable, making it great for your skin and the environment. The fabric has been provided and herbal-dyed fabric by our green partner, Truetone Ink. Truetone reflects our love for the environment and herbal-dyes fabric without compromising on design or quality. Herbal dye is solely plant-based, created using flowers, leaves, seeds, peels and so on.

We have created pieces that you will want to pass on for generations. The sets are made in versatile designs, which will remain with you eternally. The craftsmanship and inspiration have been borrowed from our evergreen nature and made in the finest quality. Our pieces are made in limited quantities, ensuring a high production standard and eliminating excess waste. These three new sets are each available in three colors - white, grey and blush.

Sui Is She

The backbone of this chapter is the very heart of Sui, the women of Sui. They bring life into our collections, they add color to our everyday lives, they stir change when it's needed the most and they support other women to build a strong community. Keeping these essential factors in mind, we have created pieces that embrace women of all body types and of all ages. These sets are customizable and can be stitched to your size exactly by visiting our store in Delhi or with a quick chat with our team representatives. These jogger sets can be worn anywhere and everywhere as they signify comfort and allows you to show your green heart at all times.

These sets are crafted by our Sui threadspeller team: Tahir, our master who cuts all our pieces; Hanif, Hasan, and Nazir are our stitchers who put it all together. All machine embroidery is done by Nawab.

In this campaign, we are proud to properly introduce all the women of Sui who passionately work toward combining nature, travel, and fashion. We wanted to take a moment to celebrate them as well as every green heart-er because this planet is all of ours to take care of.


The Soul set sports a smart turtleneck sweatshirt with nature-inspired motifs on the sleeves and a powerful message on the back, reading "Got my own back", paired with easily wearable wide-leg joggers. Here are the strong women of Sui sporting this set:


Preeti Sinha, Head Designer, is passionate about designing in a way that considers how to minimize waste at all points while still creating beautiful and flattering garments of high quality.


Meher Jetley, Fashion & Sales Consultant, is passionate about handcrafted garments and supporting people in their skilled trade.


Pallavi Gulati, Marketing Operations Manager, is passionate about sustaining traditional handcrafting skills by supporting the people who weave, loom, stitch, and more.


Our Beachside set is classic and timeless, showcasing our pure love for the beach through its motifs of breezy palm trees and sparkling oceans. The pullover sweatshirt and joggers, ribbed at the ankle, are comfortable, versatile and can be worn all day with ease. This set is flaunted by these prominent women of Sui:


Mohita Gujral, Mentor, is passionate about the family she's created at Sue Mue as its Director, encouraging them to support each other and making sure their work environment is a safe and enjoyable place to be in.

Kajol Arora, Creative Head, is passionate about keeping the world green! There's no planet B and she wants to save this one through her creativity, ideas and a constant search for better ways.


Our Coast to Coast set is an eco-chic set made up of a zipped up sweatshirt and fitted joggers. Handcrafted with green love and carrying a nature-inspired motif on the front. This set is showcased by these empowering women of Sui:


Mahima Gujral, CEO & Founder, is passionate about travel and nature and bringing the two together thoughtfully to make a sustainable and impactful difference in the fashion industry.

Nancy Dhamija, Production Manager & Design Assistant, is passionate about creating the sustainable way to honor nature through better, more conscious practices in production.


Anukriti Didwania, Textile Designer, is passionate about bringing cleaner practices into the fashion industry, hoping to see her city gain become more sustainable while also becoming greener.


Shanthi Tikari, Content Manager & Marketing Assistant, is passionate about learning as much as she can about sustainability every day so she can live a more conscious lifestyle.


We take laid-back looks to a whole new level with this new chapter of loungewear. From hooded to oversized sweatshirts, we have all the necessities of comfort packed into these limited edition winter sets. Go back to basics with these solid neutrals that are easy to coordinate and mix & match however you choose. Sit back and relax in these sets for a cozy winter!

Check out all our new pieces here now!

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