Each piece we create is carefully curated, from the first step of choosing the correct fabric, which will not harm the environment to the time of the design to the like to use the embellishments we use. To give our customer the best quality, we work with the motto of slow and steady while creating the garments - as we believe time spent well helps us provide the best.

Each piece has its own unique quality and there may be a difference in color due to the way these fabrics take in the herbal dyeing, we believe this is the beauty of their character.

Handspun Handwoven Organic Cotton

Our home fabric 

Our home fabric is handspun & handwoven into it's life. No electricity is used in it's creation. It is created in collaboration with Women Weave, our partner NGO focusing on women empowerment in the handloom section. Handmade with love.

Organic Cotton

The alternative

Organic cotton is pesticide free and produced by loving planet earth. It is soft, durable and great for the skin and the environment.


The super fiber and our star fabric

Hemp is often considered a super fiber, not only does it love nature, it is also durable and gets softer with every wash. It also doesn’t require pesticides to be produced making it a healthy piece of clothing to own. Hemp is also antibacterial! By buying hemp, you have not only get yourself a piece of clothing you’ll love for a long time, but you also reduce your carbon footprint by a massive amount.

Recyled Fabric

An eco champion 

Crafted from wasted fabrics and yarns collated by our vendor in Gujarat, our newest fabric family member is as soft as cotton, as durable as hemp and as breathable as linen. It's a survivor!